Remember to get all permits before starting any project.  If you have questions about needing a permit call or stop by the Township office during regular business hours.

…..Water Testing…..

Quality Lake Testing for the White Pigeon Township Lakes:

The White Pigeon Township has purchased an oxygen-temperature tester.  If you are interested in testing your lake please note the following:

  • Training is required, for details call Mike Zander (269-483-8105).
  • A boat or pontoon with a fish finder (depth determinations) is also required for oxygen testing.
  • For information on Quality Lake Testing, training and other lake issues, refer to the website, MiCorps.net.  MiCorps membership is free. Members receive periodic “Newsletter” which highlights many issues that Michigan lakes and streams are currently facing.

For those interested in using the oxygen-temperature tester call Mike Zander.


Due to the number of storage sheds cropping up on properties in the Township, we will begin enforcing a Township Ordinance concerning all storage buildings.  You must get zoning approval for any and all structures before building or setting a pre-built storage shed on your property, and a building permit is required if the structure is 200 square feet or more in size.  All buildings must meet setbacks and Michigan Building Codes.  If you have questions feel free to contact the Township office during regular business hours.



As of January 1, 2010, the White Pigeon Township will no longer set a date of when a resident may receive or use a dump pass.  Each year a resident or property owner of White Pigeon Township may obtain from the Township office during regular business hours, (1) dump passes to be used at the convenience of the holder.  Once a pass is obtained the pass must be used within (30 days).  Each pass will allow the holder, at no charge, (2 yards) of waste, comparable to (1) pick-up size load of waste, to the Waste Management dumping site located 14094 M-60, Three Rivers.  The pass holder will be responsible for any cost over the (2 yard) limit.  No disposal of refrigerators, freezers, air-conditioners, or dehumidifiers.  No tractor or truck tires allowed!  Two regular tires, or 1 tire and 1 appliance, or 2 appliances will be allowed.  No paint, oil, or yard waste (grass/ leaves).  *******NO CARBONATED BEVERAGE CONTAINERS ALLOWED*********Passes are NOT to be used for COMMERCIAL or BUSINESS related disposal.