Title Name Phone Email

Deputy Supervisor

Don Gloy

Jean Tefft

(269) 350-1342 supervisor@whitepigeontwp.com

Deputy Clerk

Lacie Pletcher

Norma Townsend

(269)483-7043 clerk@whitepigeontwp.com

Deputy Treasurer

Trudy Gloy

Jean Tefft

(269) 483-7043 treasurer@whitepigeontwp.com
Trustee Vince Schroen (269) 625-1024  sexton@whitepigeontwp.com
Trustee Jean A. Tefft (269) 483-7043 office@whitepigeontwp.com
Office Coordinator/Collection Agent Jean Tefft (269) 483-7043 office@whitepigeontwp.com
Bldg. Inspector Joe Wickey (269)816-4951 jwickey00@gmail.com
Assessor Kevin Harris (269)663-3057 kevinh9115@gmail.com
Sexton Vince Schroen (269) 625-1024 sexton@whitepigeontwp.com
Zoning Admin

Ordinance Enforcement Office

Mike Mixon

Doug Kuhlman

(269) 625-5495

(269) 651-3130



ZBA Chairman Susan Ford (269)625-6265 zoning@whitepigeontwp,com
Plumbing Inspector John Dobberteen (269) 625-7648 johndobb@charter.net
Planning Commission Chairman Charles DiGiovanni (269) 483-7043 planningcomm@whitepigeontwp.com
Mechanical Inspector John Dobberteen (269) 625-7648 johndobb@charter.net
Electrical Inspector Ronald Bellaire (269) 663-3429 ronb700@aol.com
Fire Chief

Fire Admin Board Chairman

Tyler Royce

Paul Roe

(269) 625-1827

(269) 483-7043


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